Choosing the Right Windows for Your Sprinter Van Conversion

Understanding Your Window Options As A Van Owner

No matter how you plan to use your van conversion, windows are the key to opening up your space and making it feel bigger and brighter. RV windows are specialized to be lightweight with safety glass that is designed to keep passengers safe. With so many different window options available for vans, it can be difficult to choose which is the best for your conversion.

At Zen Den Tiny Om, we create non-toxic, beautiful, functional Mercedes Sprinter Van conversions that are designed specifically to your needs. We have broken down our favorite window suppliers to showcase their unique styles and highlight some factors to consider when window shopping.

CR Laurence:

CR Laurence windows are some of the most common camper van windows on the market. Their frameless “All Glass” windows are designed to sit flush with the design of the Sprinter Van giving the van a clean, streamlined look. This increasingly popular style has a hinge at the top, and opens outward at the bottom so you can enjoy the fresh air without letting in rainwater.

The solar tinted design gives van owners privacy within the RV, while staying on budget. Solar tinted windows will help protect the interior from UV damage, and block out heat to keep your van cool. However, it’s also important to consider that in colder climates, tinted windows will block out any extra warmth provided by the sun.

Tern Overland Windows:

Tern Overland’s Arctic Tern windows are the only double paned windows on the market. Unlike slider windows, Arctic Tern windows are designed to fully open, allowing for maximum airflow and ventilation. These windows also include a retractable insect screen, so you can enjoy the fresh breeze without any unwanted six-legged visitors, as well as a built-in window shade with a reflective side that faces outward to reduce solar heat gain inside. Both the window and shade are made of plastic, however, and many people are chemically sensitive to plastics so minimizing the amount of plastic in a tiny space like an RV can be important.

Although these windows are available in various sizes, the overall silhouette is not as sleek as the CR Laurence windows. They also cannot be tinted and are more expensive than the average RV window. However, depending on where you plan to travel in your van, the higher cost may be worth the increased insulation that the double-paned windows offer.

Motion Windows:

With over 30 years of RV window experience, Motion Windows products are an excellent choice for quality and safety. Manufactured with aluminum extrusions, Motion Windows gives van owners the option of their standard dark grey ¼” glass or clear tempered safety glass. All windows are designed with a t-slide configuration on the top half of the window, with the bottom half functioning with horizontal half-slides.

To some, the frame styled windows can appear to be out-dated, however others may find the look to have a classic RV charm.

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