Easy to Drive, Great Gas Mileage, Healthy & Custom Interiors

Want to feel the adventure and freedom of hitting the open road, but nervous about owning an RV? Whether you are ready to take the plunge into the nomadic lifestyle, or are looking for a transportable she-shed designed just for you, Sprinter camper vans can be a fantastic alternative to the hassle of a large RV.

At the Zen Den, we create functional, beautiful, non-toxic Mercedes Sprinter Van conversions that are suited to your lifestyle! If you are struggling to decide which vehicle is best suited for your needs, we have broken down the four major concerns of mobile home owners to give you the benefits of choosing a custom Mercedes Sprinter versus a typical RV!

Fuel Consumption

From the carbon-conscious driver, to the financially-focused traveler, one of the biggest concerns for anyone considering mobile living is fuel efficiency.

The average RV will get around 8-10 mpg, which adds up overtime. With a Sprinter Van, you will get 20-25 mpg, double the fuel efficiency of a typical RV! Why not save money (and the environment) and drive a Sprinter?


Although the larger living space of an RV may seem appealing at first glance, large mobile homes can be difficult to maneuver once out on the road. This can be daunting, especially for first time RV buyers.

Sprinter vans are easy to drive with great maneuverability! Tight roads won’t be a problem in a Sprinter because it drives like a car and has a much better turning radius than the typical RV. It can even be your daily driver, as it fits in regular parking stalls and can be parked anywhere (good-bye camping reservations)!

If you are concerned about accessibility, Sprinters are lower to the ground than RVs, and a fully custom Zen Den conversion can be fitted with grab bars or a lift at the sliding door for additional convenience.


In order to stay cost effective, most RV’s are built with toxic, flimsy materials such as particle board that do not offer any structural integrity and are poor insulators. You know that “classic RV smell”? That is actually the smell of toxic chemicals! When spending time in a small, enclosed space, constant exposure to the toxic materials found in RV’s can have negative impacts on your health.

Zen Den’s custom Mercedes Sprinter Vans are designed with wellness and comfort in mind. Using healthy, non-toxic materials and avoiding any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVCs) and Formaldehyde, we ensure that health benefits of mobile living match the financial and personal benefits! With a custom conversion, Zen Den will oversee all aspects of building so that you have a structurally sound van built with safety features that far surpass any other RV builder!


Not only are custom Zen Den Sprinter conversions built to be sturdier than a standard RV, they naturally have a longer lifespan. Sprinters are very reliable and will go for 400k miles, where an RV will only do half as much with 200k miles!


Work, live and travel...exactly the way you want! At Zen Den, we believe that everyone should have the tools to thrive in an environment designed just for them and outfitted with the safest, healthiest materials in the design industry!

Most RV’s have the same layout and design style, with limited possibilities for customization. Zen Den’s custom Mercedes Sprinters are cost-efficient, eco-friendly, non-toxic and designed with your needs in mind! Don’t want to deal with emptying a black water tank? We can fit your Sprinter with dry flush, composting or cassette toilets. Worried that RV interiors look too outdated? Zen Den is run by an interior designer with over 30 years of experience who can create a fresh and modern space fit to your tastes!

Ready to get started on your adventure? Contact us for a consultation.