Advantages of campervans

Many people ask me why camper vans are so popular. There are so many reasons! From flexible travel perks to parking advantages and financial benefits - it’s no wonder why camper vans are trending.

Here are some of the advantages of going with a camper van over a traditional RV:


One of the biggest reasons for the camper van’s popularity is that you can “boondock” almost anywhere! Finding parking is incredibly easy in a camper van, given you can park on nearly any city street. It’s easy to get away with free overnight stays, especially if your van is somewhat stealth-like, similar to this one designed and built by Zen Den which avoids the typical RV “look.” Avoid the typical RV parking lot with limited privacy and lacking views! If your van doesn’t look like a standard RV and could be seen as a regular vehicle, you can park in beautiful and private campground tent spots.


You’ll save big bucks on RV storage. Even though a high roof van won’t fit in a garage, it often fits in a driveway. You can even park your camper van on your street (again if it’s not too obvious it’s an RV). Some cities could have height restriction ordinances that a high-roof Sprinter van may exceed, but these are not typically enforced unless neighbors complain, and they tend not to complain if you’re not living out of your van and it’s relatively new and in good condition. Let’s face it, a Sprinter camper van parked on the street may actually increase the property value in some cases!


After a year like 2020, all of us are ready for some well-deserved travel time with friends and family! There is something so exciting and adventurous about waking up to different views and seeing where the day takes you.

Ready to start driving? Take the first step in your camper van conversion journey and contact our team to learn more.